Row the Distance at Orangetheory Kalamazoo


Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Orangetheory Kalamazoo members are preparing to row ‘across the world’ in their quest for More Life during our Orange Voyage fitness challenge.


Think back to your first Orangetheory workout. Do you remember the first time you tried the water rower? Have you made improvements to your form since then? What changes have you made? What was your typical wattage back then? How about now?

From focusing on the power and timing of your strokes to adjusting the order so you’re working your legs, core, and arms, it’s amazing to think how far you’ve come in your rowing technique since your first days here at our Orangetheory Kalamazoo studio. Aside from just rowing, the same can be said about your overall fitness journey as you improve your performance and get more out of life. And there’s no telling how far you’ll continue to go!

Rowing is an essential part of the Orangetheory workout that works your whole body while getting your heart rate up. Our Orange Voyage fitness challenge is the perfect opportunity to generate more power and let your rowing skills soar.

Can you row the distance? We already know the answer and believe in our amazing members—but we’re here to help guide you and send you off to a strong start.



This is How We Row 

Rowing on water has its limitations: weather, location and time. At Orangetheory Kalamazoo, it’s always rowing season, and we are all about those watts!

At first glance, the rower can seem intimidating, but in many cases that’s only because you had never seen anything like it before. Although rowing is a high-intensity exercise, it’s for everyone! The Orangetheory workout is scientifically designed for all fitness levels and pushes you to challenge and improve your performance.

With your OTF coach on your side, guiding your every move and encouraging you to do your best, you’re sure to come out of our rowing challenge a champion.


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Orange Tip: The order of your form is one of the most important parts of rowing! Our coaches are always there to make sure your form is in top shape so you can increase efficiency and avoid injury.



Row Around the World 

It’s time for you to track your meters and your progress toward More Life at Orangetheory Kalamazoo!

Throughout the month of November, for our Orange Voyage fitness challenge, we’re metaphorically taking our rowing across oceans and around the world. Just how far will you row this month? Collect stamps on the passport you received from the front desk as you accumulate enough distance for each destination. Did you know that each of the destinations is home to an Orangetheory studio? The Orange Nation has gone global!

Say Bon Voyage, and let’s get rowing!



Ready, set, ROW! 

Check out your passport! Our Orange Voyage departs at 0 meters from Fort Lauderdale—home of the very first Orangetheory Fitness studio!

This marks the beginning of your journey—and, like any big trip, a moment you’ve been anticipating and are excited for.

Much like the day you first started Orangetheory, this is the start of something big. A tough challenge lies in the waters ahead, but with your OTF Kalamazoo community always supporting you, you’re going to make a splash and accomplish all your goals.

Remember, anticipation and nerves aren’t a bad thing! Just like any journey, you can’t quite know what to expect when you arrive, but once you get to your destination, you usually feel like you’re exactly where you needed to go.



Just Getting Started 

You’ve accumulated some substantial meters; according to your passport, you’ve made your way across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom or maybe Spain. Now that you’re pushing into new territory, it’s time to get into your rhythm.

How many strokes does it take you to reach 100 meters? How many meters are you rowing per minute? Are you rowing with consistent form and technique? Are you rowing at a pace you can maintain or beat?

This is the time to get to know your body and what you’re capable of in this new fitness challenge you’ve embarked on. No memorable trip is complete without learning something new about yourself.





Halfway There and Rowing Like There’s No Tomorrow 

China. 15,507 meters on your passport. You’ve accumulated some serious meters and are halfway through your Orange Voyage. While you may have felt uncertain or cautious at the beginning—exploring uncharted territories—you’ve discovered a sense of comfort in the discomfort, knowing that every push and a little soreness is worth the gains.

Now is the time to take a look at the big picture: where have you been and where are you headed? Are you happy with your pace? Is it time to push a little harder and get even more out of your journey?

The rowing isn’t getting easier, but you are getting stronger. The world is yours for the taking!




For those members who have rowed through their entire passport, you’ve racked up over 28,900 meters. Talk about an accomplishment! Even if you didn’t make it as far as you could have, you’ve gained some incredible experience along the way.

Reflect on Day 1 of this fitness challenge. Reflect on the moment you first started your fitness journey at Orangetheory Kalamazoo. You’re constantly moving forward, gaining endurance, strength, and power—on the rower, in the rest of the workout, and in your life outside the studio.

Does life look different on this side of victory? What can you do today that you couldn’t before? What can you say about yourself now that wasn’t true previously? What will life look like after the next fitness challenge? How about a year from now? In five years?

We may not see the small, gradual gains as our journey progresses, but when we look back across tens of thousands of meters (and more), all the work we’ve been doing really adds up!

You’ve snagged some awesome souvenirs along the way, too: countless splat points earned, calories burned, and a supportive fitness community you call family and friends. Snap a selfie with your stamped passport and humblebrag to the world. You deserve it! And we’re here to celebrate this amazing accomplishment with you!

Our Orange Voyage has planted a seed of wanderlust in you, and now you’re already planning for and looking forward to your next Orangetheory Kalamazoo challenge. So are we!





Oh, the Places You’ll Row! 

Our fitness journey continues beyond the Orange Voyage, but one thing is certain: we’re far from the beginning and have come way too far to quit and start over.

At Orangetheory Kalamazoo, we scientifically design our workouts—a different one every day—to continuously challenge you and push you to be your best. We want to make sure that anyone who tries it feels successful and knows there’s a world of opportunities out there. You are capable of anything and everything you put your mind to! Our unquittable workout helps you get more out of life.


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Enjoy the journey, Fam!