Transforming Together: 3 Benefits of Group Fitness and Burning Alongside Friends at Orangetheory Fitness


Our Orangetheory Fitness Kalamazoo Fit Fam supports and energizes each other through every challenging workout as we get ready to take on the OTF Transformation Challenge.


We’re gearing up for our “More Life” Transformation Challenge at Orangetheory Fitness in Kalamazoo, MI. In our 8-week challenge, OTFers will compete to lose weight, gain confidence, and transform their lives. Cash and prizes are awarded to the top male and female winners.


Sure, it’s a competition, member against member—but it’s one of the friendliest, most supportive competitions you’ll find. Our Orangetheory Fitness Kalamazoo Fit Fam burns together. We push each other to stay on track, go all out, and reach our goals.


And that’s one of the reasons Orangetheory Fitness workouts and annual challenges, like our Transformation Challenge, deliver such incredible results.


Exercising with friends, like in a group fitness class, takes it to a new level.


If you want to win this year’s Transformation Challenge, participating with a friend could be the secret to victory. Here’s why:


1.      Having a workout partner helps keep us accountable.


You know why you started and what you’re burning for at OTF—and your workout partner knows, too. The more people who know your goals, the more people to see when you’re either slacking off or seriously crushing it. There’s serious power in getting social with your fitness journey.


Not to mention all the other fun stuff that comes with having a workout buddy, like sharing a ride to class or grabbing a healthy post-burn bite after racking up those splat points. It never hurts to have extra motivation to make it to your 6:30am class on Monday.


Eric and Shannon H. from Melville, New York, love the extra motivation they get knowing that they’re both doing the workout.


“Knowing that one of us was going to OTF on any given day pushes the other to go,” they said. “It’s a fun bond that we share together.”


Eric and Shannon have lost a combined 50 pounds of baby weight after joining Orangetheory Fitness together. They now have the strength and stamina to be more active as a family.


“We burn to have the energy for each other and our kids, to feel strong and healthy, and to feel comfortable in our skin and clothes.”


   Orangetheory Fitness Transformation Couple


2.      Working out is more fun with a friend.


At Orangetheory Fitness Kalamazoo, we don’t have to look far to find a smiling face or a high five. From our coaches to our friendly members and staff, we don’t just workout together—we have fun together, and we laugh together. And when we crush a workout, beat our personal records, and win challenges, we celebrate together.


Want even more motivation to push yourself in each class? Make it a friendly competition to see who can get the most splat points each week.


Brooke and Nicole, sisters and founding members of Orangetheory Fitness in Oxford, Mississippi, attribute their 300 completed OTF workouts to friendly family competition.


“We are very competitive, so being able to see everyone's heart rate on the screen makes us push harder to get in the orange zone,” they said. “It has helped us build muscle and endurance. Before Orangetheory Fitness, we would have never been able to run 8 miles straight!”


Orangetheory Fitness Transformation Sisters Fit 



3.      Buddies you burn with get what you’re going through.


Talk about the perfect support system. It takes a fellow Orangetheory Fitness member to fully understand the victory of racking up 30 splat points in one class or what an “All Out” really feels like. Your OTF Fit Fam is with you through every Endurance, Strength, and Power day, and every fitness challenge. Many of us share goals, and we’re burning for our best life.


Other people have goals and workout, but OTF is a one-of-a-kind workout. Orangetheory Fitness is a way of life. Those of us who know it, get it—and we love the Orange life!  

Orangetheory Fitness Friendly Coach Trainer 



Friendly @coachang_otf motivates her members with a smile!


For extra motivation, fun, friendly competition, and support, burning is better with a friend or family member by your side. Together we can conquer anything!


Share a free work with a friend here , and let us know at the front desk if you’re interested in joining our next Transformation Challenge at Orangetheory Fitness in Kalamazoo, MI.